Languages Wales 2012: Skills that Work for Wales: (Cardiff City Stadium)

29 Jun 2012

CILT Cymru, the national centre for languages, invites you to Skills that work for Wales,  the 8th annual Languages Wales conference: a FREE conference and exhibition for language teachers, careers advisers, local authority 14-19 advisers, school senior leaders , employers and businesses in Wales.

Mini-conference especially for Secondary Senior Leaders!

This year, the conference will feature a mini conference-within-a-conference, specifically designed for secondary school senior leaders, looking at issues facing MFL provision and some of the benefits to pupils and schools of supporting wider access to language study.

This session will start at 10.20am and end at 11.55am and will be addressed by speakers from local businesses, headteachers, and CILT Cymru experts.

click here (pdf file 461kb) for a registration form.

73% of businesses across the UK state that they need employees who can speak a foreign language, according to the CBI’s Education and skills survey 2011. The conference, which will be held in both North and South Wales, will explore ways to meet the critical need to encourage more Welsh young people to continue with their language learning so that they can meet this employer demand and help Wales to thrive in the global economy.  Conference participants will hear from local employers who will talk about the skills they really want, senior school leaders, who will discuss how languages can be supported and promoted in schools, and from a range of education advisers who will talk about opportunities open to young people with language skills. The conference will also provide practical advice for teachers on how to deliver these key messages to their students.

Themes of seminars will include:

  • Careers and employability

  • The Business Language Champions Scheme - bringing the workplace into the classroom

  • Routes into Languages and Student Language Ambassadors - widening participation in Higher Education

  • The CILT Cymru Compacts scheme - supporting schools in raising standards and take-up

  • Vocational options - languages for all

  • Persuading boys to carry on with languages

  • Mobility schemes—where can your language skills take you?

Programme to follow, click here (pdf file 461kb) for a registration form.

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