CILT Cymru and CânSing in harmony

CILT Cymru and CânSing have been collaborating to produce a suite of resources to support the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages through singing. ContinYou Cymru's Singing Programme, CânSing, is funded by the Welsh Government and the aim of this work is to raise the profile and standard of singing across Wales by extending opportunities and improving the quality of provision and delivery within schools.

The resource comprises versions in French, Spanish and German of the traditional Welsh folk song Ar LanY Môr. Within the resource there are interactive screens, audio files, lyric sheets and teaching and learning guides. These are designed to support work at Key Stages 2 and 3 and beyond through providing an engaging way of enhancing pupils’ literacy skills across languages.

Click on the links below (or to your left) to access the support materials that accompany the song support sheets.

Links to songs in other languages

Developing MFL singing projects

Pronunciation Guidelines

Activities using songs

Using CânSing Vocal Exercises for Language Teaching