Regional Pupil Language Ambassador Training 2015 – Cardiff

06 Mar 2015

On Thursday 5th of February, CILT Cymru, along with Routes Cymru, and the British Council, hosted the first ever Regional Pupil Language Ambassador Training event in Cardiff City Hall, preparing 140 pupils in Years 8-10 to take on this role.



The Pupils Language Ambassador (PLA) Scheme Project was launched by CILT and Routes Cymru in 2013/14.  The aim of the project is to train groups of pupils within schools to take ownership of promoting the value of foreign language learning. PLAs go on to organize events and activities within the school community in partnership with their teachers as well as outside bodies such as a CILT Cymru Business Language Champion and Routes Cymru Student Language Ambassadors. The project has proved to be a great success, with participating schools seeing positive changes in attitude towards language learning and a subsequent rise in pupils continuing with their MFL study in Key Stage 4. This event, which also included valuable input from the European Commission, the Goethe Institut, Consejería de Educación and Institut Français was the first of its kind in the UK (but not for long we suspect!) and it proved to be all the more worthwhile and innovative when we read the pupil evaluations.  Here are just some of the pupils' observations:


I can't wait to start.

You have helped me choose French for GCSE.

I look forward to being a Pupil Language Ambassador.

I LOVE Spanish!

The day was very enjoyable and I'm glad to see that there are events like this in place.

Thank you for this experience.

Once I've learnt Spanish, I plan to learn Italian and French.

Thank you for letting me take part in this course.  It's opened my eyes to what is good about learning languages.

Thanks so much for this opportunity.  Our school has now set up a languages council.  We look forward to future pupil / teacher collaboration.

Thank you for giving all of us this opportunity.

Thank you for this opportunity - I won't let you down!


Wishing all our newly trained PLAs all the very best over the coming months, we look forward to hearing about your events and activities.

Click here to access all the supporting documents, including the Role Description, Planning Document and for information on the PLA Team of the Year AWARD 2014/15.

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