News October - 2012

26 Oct 2012 CILT Cymru – The National Centre for Languages in Wales; Developing Literacy across Languages Conference

“As a bilingual nation, we start from a positive position because we provide education through the medium of English and Welsh. Both languages are embedded in our education and training system. Our young people therefore have a head start by developing language and literacy skills that they can readily apply to other European and world languages. Conversely, the study of a foreign language can support learners’ literacy in English and Welsh.”

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24 Oct 2012 Dyslexia and Additional Language Learning (Dyslang)

According to the British Dyslexia Association, approximately 10% of the UK population have dyslexia. This causes difficulties in the acquisition of reading and writing in both their first language and any subsequent language they may attempt to learn.


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12 Oct 2012 Welsh employers’ “youth policy” attracts the attention of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and flies the flag for foreign language learning.

Youth unemployment is high on the agenda across the UK so when UKCES the Commission for Employment and Skills contacted CILT Cymru the National Centre for Languages to discuss working collaboratively on a filming project, we jumped at the chance.  UKCES is capturing examples of local employers all around the UK, working with young people to develop their skills.  Innovative good practice video clips are being disseminated via the UKCES website, also featured on our own site.

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