New funding available to raise uptake in MFL

24 May 2012

CILT Cymru is proposing to provide advice, support and funding for school projects aimed at raising uptake in MFL in Key Stage 4. Through an application process, we will select 32 schools from across Wales to work with and are particularly interested in projects from schools where take-up in MFL is below the national average of 28% cohort.

CILT Cymru can offer free advisory support and a selection of measures from a menu of options. The menu of options may include the following: strategic planning meetings with the SLT and the MFL department, tailored CPD; information and advice about introducing alternative qualifications; careers information resources to be used by the school and opportunities to link with the local business community to enhance the employability skills of pupils and raise awareness of the value of language skills in the workplace

In turn, we would require your school to establish a clear action plan aimed at raising take-up in Key Stage 4 which would include setting targets and consider some of the following elements: involving Careers Wales advisers; engaging in a Business Language project with a local employer; organising careers evenings/sessions for parents; establishing an in-school programme for language ambassadors using your own pupils; linking with other departments to promote the value of language skills e.g. Science and Technology; developing international links.

How to apply: click here for an application form and return it by no later than Friday 15th June 2012 to: CILT Cymru Compact Partnership, 245 Western Avenue, Cardiff CF5 2YX.

For further details about the Compact, visit the Compact pages of the website

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