05 Dec 2014 Establecer contactos con un centro en España

Estimados/as profesores/as de español:
Como cada año, una serie de colegios e institutos españoles buscan intercambio y contactos con centros británicos. Si usted desea establecer contactos con un centro en España, envíe la solicitud adjunta a


/tinyimages/Links and exchanges with Spanish schools.doc

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01 Dec 2014 Abertillery pupils inspire teachers at the CILT Cymru National Languages Wales Conference 2014
Abertillery Comprehensive Schools Languages Department were invited as guest speakers
to the CILT National Languages Conference in Cardiff last week.

Abigail Hucker, Darren Davies and Leah Phillips all from year 9 and studying Languages for GCSE were invited to talk about language projects at the school such as 'The Pupil Language Ambassador Scheme' and the 'Adopt a Class Scheme' which are supported by both CILT Cymru and Routes into Languages.
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01 Dec 2014 Business Language Champion ORLEGI - part of history in the making

On Wednesday 12th November the world's media gathered at ESOC (European Space Operations Center) in Darmstadt, Germany, to witness the first ever landing of a spacecraft on the surface of a comet.

Orlegi, a UK based independent broadcast media relations consultancy, worked with the European Space Agency's (ESA) communications team making sure that their key messages were delivered on time and to the right audiences.

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17 Oct 2014 Radyr Comprehensive EDL Celebration

Radyr Comprehensive School ran a very successful day of multilingual activities to
celebrate the European Day of Languages with workshops on Chinese calligraphy,
Italian, sign language, Welsh folk dancing and Cantonese. Silke Lührmann,
Michaela Miller and Caitlin Stenner of Wolfestone Translations, CILT Cymru Business Language Champions, also provided workshops on translating picture books from French and German into English.

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17 Oct 2014 European Day of Languages Neath Port Talbot CBC

Developing Confident Global Learning Communities

European Day of Languages

26th September 2014

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25 Sep 2014 New developments, training and language resources

New developments, training and language resources

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