The National Curriculum for MFL

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In September 2008 the Modern Foreign Languages in the National Curriculum for Wales was launched for Key Stage 3. The order contains the programme of study and attainment targets for key stage 3 and non-statutory guidance for key stage 2.

The MFL orders, like all other curriculum areas, are based on the Skills Framework which focuses on developing the skills of Communication, Number, ICT and Thinking.

The Literacy and Numeracy Framework, published January 2013

The LNF is a curriculum planning tool that supports all teachers to embed literacy in their teaching of the curriculum. Curriculum planning arrangements will need to be adapted to support cross-curricular planning using the LNF. Click here to view

What does a skills-based curriculum mean for MFL?
In drawing up the new order, the working party was mindful of the need for

  • pupils to be able to transfer language and skills
  • pupils to become more independent
  • real linguistic progression
  • a move away from over-emphasis on vocabulary

Simply put, we needed to move away from teaching vocabulary-heavy topics and towards a greater emphasis on teaching language structures, which enable pupils to build sentences and to be creative with their language use.

The Welsh Assembly Government has produced guidance on teaching the new curriculum, along with examples of pupils' work. All schools should have a copy of the guidance and the accompanying DVD of pupils' oracy work.