Modern Languages in Higher Education

In Wales, as in the rest of the UK, Modern Languages are taught at a number of different levels in the Higher Education sector.

  • Several institutions offer full degrees in a variety of languages. You can study a single language, or a combination of languages.
  • You can also combine your chosen language with a non-language subject. Both subjects can have equal weighting (joint honours), or you can choose to make language either the major or the minor part of your degree.
  • In some institutions you can study language modules as an additional subject while you study for a degree in another field.
  • Some institutions also offer ab initio (beginners) language courses, so it’s never too late!
  • Language degrees usually include a period of residence abroad during which you can study, work as a language assistant, or do a work placement.
  • The Lifelong Learning Departments of most universities offer a variety of language courses.
  • If you want to train to be a teacher of your chosen language(s) Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses are offered in several Welsh universities.