Funding for schools to develop / sustain MFL provision in KS2 or MFL KS2/3 transition arrangements


You may be aware that the Welsh  Government issues a yearly grant to LEAs / Schools through the Better Schools Fund. The aim of this grant is to help schools share good practice and to promote innovation.

Every year the Better Schools Fund Circular outlines the priorities which are eligible for grant expenditure.

The Priority Areas for 2010-11 are:

1. School Effectiveness

2. Implementing the Welsh-Medium Education Strategy

3. Inclusion, Safeguarding and Promoting Wellbeing

Schools wishing to develop or sustain their provision of MFL in KS2 or MFL KS2/3 transition arrangements are able to use funding allocated for BSF Priority 1. Details of such arrangements can be included in their School Development Plans and should note that they reflect the BSFs "Outcomes" for Priority Area 1.

i.e. Measures to support more effective primary/secondary partnerships (which can include provision of modern foreign languages at KS2), with improvements for learners at transition ... are not only eligible for expenditure under BSF Priority 1 but also, with MFL specifically in mind, reflect Outcomes 7 + 9 (i).


Schools and Local Authorities will:

7. have clear examples of how they have used collaborative effort and arrangements to sustain improvements, particularly in KS2/3 transition, and ensure best use of resources;

9. have effective arrangements in place for introducing an agreed national model of school improvement as a central strand of SEF implementation, which will:

(i) Better Schools Fund 2010-11, Welsh Government Circular No: 009/2010

(ii) Better Schools Fund 2010-11, Welsh Governemnt Circular No: 009/2010