Developing Thinking Skills

The development of thinking skills, or learning to learn, emphasises the process of learning. The development of thinking skills teaches pupils to think for themselves, via a focus on skills rather than subject content, allowing them to deconstruct language and understand that languages have underlying patterns and rules. Click here for a PowerPoint slideshow discussing thinking.

It is important that pupils are encouraged to articulate their understanding and are given opportunities to work collaboratively with others in order to learn from each other.

Other key aspects of thinking skills teaching are the promotion of active learning and the fostering of links with other curriculum areas through the use of similar and shared techniques.

Importantly for teachers, the development of thinking skills shows us gaps in pupils’ understanding, and by ‘taking the lid off’ their thinking, allows us to tailor our teaching strategies to take the learning forward.

In 2005 the Welsh Assembly Government set up a project to support schools in their development of thinking and assessment for learning.

For practical help on developing thinking in MFL, look at our Teaching Resources.