Business and the workplace

The growth of the global economy is creating new market opportunities for the UK but without the language and intercultural skills needed to compete successfully with the rapidly developing economies of Brazil, Russia, China and India, businesses will face increasing challenges in adapting to this competition.
exporting across the globe

There are over 500 foreign-owned companies in Wales and many Welsh companies who do business overseas; a number of these businesses look to recruit people with foreign language skills to maximise their business potential by selling and exporting their products and services abroad.

With the British Chambers of Commerce stating that export businesses that are proactive in their use of language and cultural skills achieve on average 45% more sales than companies who conduct their business solely in English, it is important to the future economic success of Wales that schools are producing competent linguists and that businesses in Wales are continuing to recruit these young people.

This section will bring together the economic case for language learning and cultural awareness and outline how initiatives such as the BLC Business Language Champions scheme are motivating and inspiring young people in Wales.