Ebbw Vale pupils unveil the importance of languages at Cassidian Systems

The minibus finally arrived at our school. It took us an hour to arrive at Cassidian. When we finally got there at 10am, there were three people waiting for us at reception. They handed us all visitor cards to wear around our necks.

We were then shown to the conference room which was up three flights of stairs. We all sat in long rows (which had the comfiest seats ever!).A man called Scott Evans introduced himself to us and showed us a short presentation.  He told us what the company basically did. He also told us that whilst he was in school, he studied French and Spanish and that he also studied Japanese.

Emloyees of the future? Ebbw Vale pupils see for themselves how languages are vital to Cassidian.

After Scott gave us a presentation, Ramona Mages also gave a short presentation about her experience with languages. Her native language is German but she also knows how to speak Latin and English.

Jayne Planitzer spoke French and Spanish. She told us how important languages are and how disappointed she was with herself when she dropped German and Welsh. Helen Cherre told us about all of the countries had visited.

We had three tours around the building. First we went to the customer experience centre, where we were shown how they transport computer systems to Afghanistan. Then we went to the secure data services, where we were shown how they dealt with earthquakes and natural disasters. Finally we were taken to the Cormoral solution centre, where we were shown the servers and hard drives.  Overall, it was really interesting day and it convinced me just how important languages are.


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