About Us

What is CILT Cymru?

CILT Cymru is the national centre of expertise on foreign language teaching and intercultural skills. Established in 2002 as part of the CILT network, CILT Cymru has a key role in implementing Welsh Government strategy for Modern Foreign Languages. It receives its core funding via the International Education Programme.  CILT Cymru's office is on Western Avenue, Cardiff, housed in WJEC, but it operates throughout Wales in partnership with Consortia, schools, colleges, universities, businesses and a wide range of other partners.

What does CILT Cymru do?

CILT Cymru's prime objectives are:

* to promote a greater national capability in languages
* to support the work of all those concerned with language teaching and learning within all sectors of education and in business.

Who uses CILT Cymru?

CILT Cymru's services are available to anyone involved with teaching languages:

* Primary, secondary and student teachers
* Head teachers, parents and governors
* Local Authorities and regional consortia
* University lecturers and tutors
* School Inspectors
* Researchers and students
*Translators and interpreters
* Public and private sector employers
* Business language and cultural trainers
* Careers advisers

CILT Cymru services and facilities

  • Continuing Professional Development for teachers in Wales in partnership with Consortia, regional PLCs and in Language Wales, our annual National Conference
  • Specialist advice and support for Consortia, schools and colleges through our regional PLCs, teacher working groups and school 'Compact' scheme
  • NVQ business language qualification centre
  • Advice on alternative accreditation to GCSEs including NVQ business languages and QCF language units
  • Facilitating Education-Business partnerships
  • Careers advice and resources for language teachers in partnership with Routes Cymru
  • Monthly ebulletin with latest news, events and useful links for language teachers
  • Website with case studies, resources, training opportunities and news

CILT Cymru and Welsh

Although CILT Cymru's main focus is on foreign languages, we welcome the development of links with the Welsh language in order to develop themes of common interest, for example literacy skills.

CILT Cymru operates a bilingual policy, and provides a range of services through the medium of Welsh as well as English.